How an E Cigarette MIGHT HELP Teenagers to Stop Smoking


How an E Cigarette MIGHT HELP Teenagers to Stop Smoking

It appears the only way to prevent people from beginning to smoke again is to make them give up smoking by banning the e-cigarette. The argument against this ban, submit by the tobacco industry, is that there is absolutely no clear evidence yet how e- cigarettes are harmful or just how much they are addictive. This is despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of teenagers have been starting to use e- cigarettes. These teens may continue to smoke as long as they want as the addiction is hard to stop.

On the other hand, there are a number of health experts who argue that there is plenty of proof proving the harm of smoking. For instance, there is ample proof cancer-causing agents in cigarettes smoke. Additionally, nicotine itself is really a poison that may cause coughing, chest and throat irritation, damage to the brain, kidney damage and also slow down the center.

Both sides in the debate claim that another is wrong and points to the point that there are more deaths Smok Novo 2 from diseases that smoking causes than deaths caused by cigarettes. Because of this if the ban on e- cigarettes switches into effect, a large number of innocent people will die because of smoking. Hence, it is essential that smokers should be made aware of all of the facts and really should not be swayed by peer pressure or other sources.

In recent years, there has been a large increase in the sales of e- cigarettes among teenagers. This is mainly due to the truth that it is cheaper to get than smoking a normal cigarette. In addition, because it will not release any smoke, it really is more attractive to teenagers. Advertisements promote e- cigarettes as a “healthy” option to smoking, though it is clear that it damages health insurance and causes many diseases. Some companies even say that their products are more attractive to teens than regular cigarettes and this increases the chance of them beginning to smoke.

Teenagers who would like to give up smoking can do so by using an e- cigarette. However, parents should be very careful because several products may contain harmful chemicals which could affect their kids in the long term. There have been cases when e- cigarettes have already been found to contain carcinogens which are harmful to human beings. Parents need to be aware of such cases and take necessary actions.

There are e- cigarette products that assist in breaking the dependence on smoking. They help smokers reduce the cravings by supplying them with nicotine, reducing the smoke produced, and reducing the damage that is done to the lungs. Furthermore, the e- cigarette helps e- smokers to stay focused on smoking because they only release nicotine in small amounts, thus avoiding the smoker’s body from becoming influenced by it. This reduces the risk of experiencing a relapse into smoking.

Many teenagers have succeeded in quitting smoking through the help of an e- cigarette. You can even buy them online to save lots of on the cost. Actually, they are quite popular among teens nowadays. They can also be used by adults especially those who cannot stop smoking due to health problems like asthma or bronchitis.

However the e- cigarette is not enough. They should be combined with other helpful interventions in order to be more effective. Doctors can suggest the utilization of nicotine patches or gums to help the smokers control their urges to smoke. Parents can also help by providing assist in case of emergencies, counseling, therapy or medication to the smokers.